Saturday, September 17, 2022

A Man(ning) In A Trailer

If you've read any of the fourteen A Diet of Christmas Films posts that have become an annual tradition on the blog, you would surely notice (or will notice once I draw your attention to it) that I have not watched any of the movies in the Santa Clause trilogy.

For some reason, I have not felt compelled to watch the films which star Tim Allen. But, that's going to change.

While browsing Twitter yesterday evening, I noticed that the Disney Plus UK account had tweeted out a trailer for a series based on the Santa Clause films.

Tim Allen is back. He's not the reason why I am interested, though.

In the clip, there is a scene which shows my favourite American football player - Peyton Manning - making a cameo.

Peyton Manning in The Santa Clauses

Even though it looks like his appearance may be as brief as his opening drive of the Super Bowl of 2014, I was immediately sold.

I plan to prepare for the series launch by watching the trio of movies before the programme launches on Disney Plus on November 16.

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