Friday, August 05, 2022

Bet Building For Week 1 Of The 2022/23 Premier League Season

The Premier League returns tonight with Arsenal's trip to Crystal Palace. As per usual, I have a load of betting ideas swirling around inside this brain of mine. However, I don't know how long they will last.

Every few years, at the start of the season, I decide to do a weekly betting series on this blog. I then either decide it's rubbish and give up or the NFL season comes along and my focus shifts to American football. It's most often the latter which arises first.

Seeing as I had a free £5 bet to place a bet builder wager, I thought I'd start off a series in which I bet on the following things to happen in a random game each weekend:

1) Over 3.5 Goals
2) A red card in the match
3) Both teams to score in both halves
4) Over 2.5 corners for the home team (I had to do four selections so forced myself to pick this one just to qualify for the free bet)

I then had to pick one fixture out of the ten games, so had a number generator select for me. It chose the Leeds United versus Wolves game.

It'll win £398.16 if all four things happen in the game. I won't lose anything because the £5 stake was free.

Premier League Bet Builder - Week 1 2022/23

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