Thursday, July 14, 2022

Not In A G1 Mood (Yet)

New Japan Pro Wrestling's annual tournament - the G1 Climax - begins over the weekend.

Usually, I would be hyped up for the month-plus of wrestling action. However, I am not feeling it just yet.

I've looked at the start times (in BST) of some of the events and I don't know if I can really push myself to wake up for 6:00AM, or even 7:00AM, starts. 

There are four early ones this year.

G1 Climax 32 Dates and Times

I haven't looked at the matches that are scheduled for the dates with the early starts. If there's a match, or matches, that I think I'll enjoy - I might set the alarm. If not. I'll simply watch on demand once I've woken up.

In 2021, I watched all but two of the shows live. One kicked off at 6:00AM while the other started at 8:00AM.

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