Saturday, July 09, 2022

The Very Faint Line

It was looking so good.

I had taken a Covid test to see if I was finally negative. 

With five minutes to go, before my fifteen minute timer went off, I had a sly look at the test. The C line was red. The T line wasn't. 

Or so I thought.

Once the fifteen minutes were up, I checked the result. Same as it had been during my peek. 

Until I looked closely. 

There was an extremely faint line next to the T. They say that any kind of line is a positive result. This was the narrowest of lines I've ever seen in all the tests I've done to myself and family members over the past couple of years.

Covid Test

Even my camera couldn't capture it. You have to look hard to see it.

I'm sure it'll come back negative when I next have a test.

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