Saturday, May 21, 2022

Thinking About The Bulldog

I've been thinking about Davey Boy Smith quite a lot lately. Especially this week considering we've now passed the twentieth anniversary of his death.

The reason why the British Bulldog has been on my mind is likely because of WWE's first stadium event in over thirty years taking place in September. The event which took place in 1992 - SummerSlam - was headlined by Smith winning the WWE Intercontinental Championship from Bret 'Hitman' Hart.

We could see something similar with the current top British star from WWE, Drew McIntyre, in the Cardiff main event on September 3rd.

I've heard and seen McIntyre doing the pub for Cardiff in my local paper and radio and this too brought back memories of the British Bulldog. However it wasn't SummerSlam1992 that it is reminiscent of. It's of the time when Smith was in Cardiff a year later hyping up one of  WCW's UK tours.

Smith did radio and newspaper work back then. Some things never change.

British Bulldog on Heno
Davey Boy Smith appears on Heno (October 1993)

In an even funnier coincidence - I was thinking back to one of my former colleagues from twenty-five years ago. He had longish hair and had a face similar to the Bulldog. He was one of the first people I saw before I had my interview and I thought to myself 'wow, that guy looks like the British Bulldog'. 

When I reminded myself of that person, I could not recall his name. Within days, I was listening to scam calls and emails on YouTube and one of the scammers actually used 'Matt Clark' as an alias in their script. 

I finally remembered the bloke's name after spending a day or so trying to jog my memory!

I'm sure the past few days aren't going to be the only moments I'll spare a thought for the Bulldog this year. 

I'm bound to recall that great main event of SummerSlam '92 when the thirtieth anniversary rolls around in late-August. I'll also think about him days later when Drew McIntyre will hopefully follow in Smith's shoes - just like he's doing now with his interactions with the British press ahead of the event - and headline the next UK stadium show.

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