Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Another Shooting Cycle

It seems to be always the same thing. A routine, if you will.

A gunman enters a US school, murders pupils and staff, often ends up dead themselves and then begins the the mourning process. The families are obviously grieving more for their loss. However, you get the people on the outside looking in sharing their grief and asking for change. 

Nothing is ever changed.

The cycle repeats the next time there is a shooting. It doesn't necessarily have to occur in a school. You can switch the location of the narrative to shopping malls, supermarkets even cinemas. 

With me in a completely different country, one word always enters my mind whenever I hear of these massacres. That word is Dunblane.

The 1996 massacre, in a Scottish primary school, resulted in the British Government acting to make it harder for people to own firearms in this country.  It didn't completely stop gun crime. That still happens. 

However, I cannot think of one school massacre in Britain since that day. 

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