Friday, May 13, 2022

Schedule Release Day Is No Longer Fun

The NFL schedules were officially revealed late last night. It has forced me to realise something.

I used to love the schedule drop. I'd spend the next morning poring through all the games that are set to be played out later in the year.

This year, and I'd guess the past few as well, I haven't really had that good feeling. And there's a huge reason why.

The NFL has been spoiling it.

For the past week and a bit, the league has released some of the games to the media. For example, I was aware which teams would battle it out in London as far back as May 4th. I also knew what some of the Monday Night Football games were.

Earlier this week, the Christmas Day game was revealed. 

The filtering of news might be fun for some. For me? Nah, I'd prefer everything piled on me when I wake up on schedule release day.

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