Saturday, May 14, 2022

FA Cup 2022

It's the FA Cup final later on today. What I have often done on days like these is write a post in which I state which team I would like to win.

I'm doing that again today. However, I am sure that the team I am going with today would not have been my choice had I been asked under different circumstances.

As an impartial, I would have probably chosen Chelsea had I been asked at any other time. However, with Liverpool bidding to make it a quadruple of title and cup victories this season, I have to go with the story of the chase.

To be realistic, I cannot see The Reds doing the quadruple. However, I want their dreams to continue at least beyond today.

In two weeks from today, if Liverpool have managed to win the FA Cup and Premier League title - to go with their League Cup win from February - I'm still going with Real Madrid in the Champion's League Final.

Until then...

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