Sunday, April 10, 2022

Schefter's Disrespectful Tweet About Dwayne Haskins

I had to do a double take when I read a tweet from American football reporter Adam Schefter yesterday.

Before I even write any more, I'll share what was written. 

Dwayne Haskins Death Announcement by Adam Schefter

I initially found myself having to reread it because it did not, in any way, feel like the announcement of a death.

It was. Obviously. However, I found it extremely disrespectful for the reporter to put Haskin's challenging professional career ahead of the shocking news.

Talk about kicking dirt.

The tweet was later deleted and reworded. The damage - and the distaste it caused - was already done by then.

As for Haskins himself - what a tragedy. Twenty-four, nearly twenty-five, is far too young.

I'll remember the 2019 draft because a friend of mine had bet on him to be picked by Washington. Therefore, he was one of the few names I was keeping an eye out for when I followed the picks coming in.

To repeat... it's far too young.

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