Monday, April 11, 2022

No Draft Mags For '22

I often write about it being NFL draft season shortly after I purchase a magazine about the event.

Not this year.

This is, of course, a draft post. However, it is not being written after I've bought a draft mag.

The prices for those publications have become a joke. Last year, I spent a little over ten Pounds for it. I thought that was bad enough considering I used to pay around about seven Pounds. This year, the website I order from wanted twelve. 

A £2 price jump year-to-year? No chance.

Like I've written many times, whenever I've written about these annuals, all that has to happen between the publication date and the day of the draft is for some big trade to occur and for teams to switch places. This would obviously result in some of the content immediately becoming obsolete.

Does the lack of a mag mean I won't be interested in what happens from April 28th onwards? Of course not!

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