Saturday, March 26, 2022

A Unique Pizza From Iceland

I wrote about an offer I found on the Iceland website yesterday. Well, in today's post, I'm going to once again write about the store because it is currently selling an intriguing pizza.

As you'll see below, the company has brought out a stuffed crust pizza with chicken, bacon and waffle as a topping.

Yes, you read that right - WAFFLE!

Iceland Chicken, Bacon and Waffle pizza

I first had a few slices of these pizzas over a month ago. After eating them, I thought to myself that I could have added an intriguing dressing and promised myself that I would try it the next time I shopped at Iceland.

Well, after a shortish wait (the pizzas were out of stock at one point), I got hold of another chicken, bacon and waffle pizza.

Can you tell what I've placed on it?

Iceland Chicken, Bacon and Waffle pizza with maple syrup

I thought I'd add some maple syrup to the pizza.

It was an enjoyable, and - as already noted: unique, pizza before I came up with the idea of adding maple syrup as a  dressing. 

It tasted better with my add-on (if I say so myself).

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