Friday, February 04, 2022

I Try A Chicken Big Mac

McDonald's brought out the Chicken Big Mac a couple of days ago. 

As I had stated - in this post from Saturday - I wanted to try one, so I ordered one on the day they came out.

Chicken Big Mac Box

To be fair, Big Macs are not my go to burger whenever I have food from McDonald's. I occasionally go for a McChicken Sandwich, though. Therefore, I thought the Chicken Big Mac was worth a taste.

Chicken Big Mac

Whether you've seen the commercial or not, I'm sure you'll know that what I pulled out of the box was not as perfect looking as what was advertised.

As for the taste - it was okay. Nothing special. It looked like a Big Mac albeit with chicken (obviously!). However, it felt a bit pointless. What they should have tried to do was create a Double McChicken Sandwich.

Unless there has already been a Double McChicken Sandwich that is.

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