Monday, December 06, 2021

Going For 2

There was an NFL story that wasn't written last night.

John Harbaugh was going to be regarded as a gutsy head coach for going for it. Only - he went for it.

I am referring to the closing moments of the Baltimore Ravens' game against the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Ravens had managed to score a touchdown with seconds left on the clock to leave them one-point away from a tie to send the two teams into overtime. 

Harbaugh decided to not go for the PAT to bring the game to 20 apiece. He opted to keep the offense on the field in order to go for two additional points and - most importantly - the W.

The conversion failed.

Had the game ended Ravens 21-20, Harbaugh would have been hailed a hero. Much like his brother - Jim - who, a day earlier, had coached Michigan to its first Big 10 Conference Football Championship under his guidance. Instead, the bad decision has asked questions about Ravens quarterback - Lamar Jackson - about whether he can handle the pressure (I have legit heard this said on a podcast this morning) when it matters.

On the plus side - Baltimore is still atop the AFC North. For now?

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