Tuesday, December 21, 2021


I've just returned to my PC after coming home from my booster injection for COVID-19.

Just like in April and in July, I thought I would write something about my experience.

There was a big change I made compared to my previous two visits to the vaccination centre. When I was given letters with dates and times earlier this year, I rang up asking to be moved to the start of each day. I get anxious with having needles as it is. The pressure of a wait does not mix well on top of those fears.

I received a text message on Friday morning informing me that a place had been reserved for me at 11:50AM today. The first thing I thought of was 'well, that time isn't suitable for me' and was about to get on the phone to rearrange before something came to my mind.

A couple of friends of mine - both in different parts of the world - have been travelling outside of their comfort zones to seek treatment at hospitals miles away from their homes. They probably couldn't make amendments to their timeslots, so why should I when all I am doing is making a trip around a few corners from my own home?

Yes - the build to it was nervy for me.  Once I was sitting in the stall talking to the vaccinator, I felt like I had hidden my fear with false bravado. I was whistling in the graveyard.

Anyway, I didn't feel any pain when the needle was going in (just like before), but my arm is somewhat sore as of the time of typing.

I received the Pfizer vaccine the previous two visits. This time, however, it was the Moderna. 

Another good thing about the current rollout of the boosters is that there has been a temporary halt on people having to wait fifteen minutes after their jab. Despite this, the vaccinator recommended I wait five minutes, but I didn't.

I was out of there.

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