Friday, October 08, 2021


The Mike Ashley era of Newcastle United is over.

Thank God.

But - there is a saying that I cannot shake from my consciousness right now and that is 'be careful what you wish for'.

I could throw out other cautious words of wisdom, but that'll do for now.

As I am sure I've written in the past, my childhood - and early adulthood - was spent as a supporter of the Magpies. Back then, we didn't have a local side challenging to make it to the Premier League like the kids of today have in Cardiff City. 

City was challenging for survival in the lower divisions and - even though we supported the Bluebirds - many of us had a Premier League team to root for as well.

My choice was Newcastle United. I think I picked the right side because it fit my characteristics. 

I'd consider the Newcastle United of that era as overachieving, yet underachieving, underdogs. I wouldn't have considered them as underdogs back in the day, though. History - with the team not winning any silverware back then - could make my opinion arguable.

I'm no longer a Newcastle United fan. 

The Mike Ashley era coincided with the rise of Cardiff City's fortunes. And misfortunes. There was no need in me having two favourites with Cardiff City knocking on the Premier League's door on a frequent basis.

Something had to give. The moment Newcastle United was in the same division as Cardiff, the choice was made. I remained loyal to my roots.

The teenager of my past would have had a kick out of yesterday's news. As for the older version of myself? Well - he's impressed that the club has become the richest in football overnight, but that's all. 

Newcastle United is far away in my rear-view nowadays. Good luck, though.

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