Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Rating Drink Powders III

Earlier this summer, I published a post in which I wrote about trying drink powders that were gifted to me from the USA. I followed with a second edition a couple of months later after I bought some of my own. 

If you read THIS POST from July 31st, you'll know that I've bought fifteen new boxes and will now run with another three 'Rating Drink Powders' posts over the next two months.

Here are the first five of the latest batch..

Drink Powders

Jolly Rancher Blue Raspberry
This tasted closely like the Starburst Blue Raspberry drink that is - as of right now - the best drink powder I've had. There is a strong aftertaste which spoils the experience, though. This obviously does not make it equal to Starburst's rating of five stars. 

With all that said, it is still a good flavour if you overlook the aftertaste.

Rating: *** 3/4

Tampico Citrus Punch
This citrus punch had a taste of orange, tangerine and lemon. It wasn't too bad. However, I have tasted better.

Rating: ***

Wyler's Light Cherry
I like cherry flavour powders because they remind me of the time when - as a child - I tasted Kool-Aid for the first time.

With this drink being called 'Light Cherry', I expected a weaker taste. I was wrong - it was quite strong. As with other cherry drinks, it did remind me of Kool-Aid. 

Rating: *** 3/4

Starburst All Pink Strawberry
Okay, so I've already established that Starburst Blue Raspberry is the best flavour I've tried in this series of 'Rating Drink Powders' posts. Because of this, I was keen to sample another Starburst variety.

I don't usually like strawberry drinks, but found this to be refreshing at first. Unfortunately, it began to taste sickly as I continued to sip away. It was quite a let down considering how amazing I think the other Starburst flavour is.

Rating: ** 1/4

Wyler's Island Punch Outrageous Orange
I did not like this flavour at all. It had a watery, yet bitter taste. 

Not the kind of orange drink I am used to. At all!

Rating: **

We end this edition of Rating Drink Powders with a tie between Jolly Rancher Blue Raspberry and Wyler's Light Cherry.

I suppose if it had to go to penalties, and I had to root for one, I'd likely have to go with the cherry flavour to win..

Rating Drink Powders IV will be out sometime next month.

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