Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Arrowverse Series' Are Repetitive These Days

Watching the DC Arrowverse programmes - that are on Sky One - is becoming such a chore nowadays.

The post-Arrow storylines in Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow and The Flash are kind of similar in certain ways and they don't feel fresh across the board.

For example - in Supergirl, Kara is lost in the Phantom Zone. Therefore her allies on Earth have been working without her (this, I suppose, was done to cover Melissa Benoist's maternity leave). Anyway - on Legends - Captain Sarah Lance has been kidnapped and her team are working together to try and save her.

Both Supergirl and The Flash have had time travelling episodes. So - add the time travel caper, Legends, to the mix and you'll see why it all seems repetitive.

Supergirl is ending its run after the current season, so maybe that is another reason why I feel like there is little point staying the course.

Arrow really was the best DC series of the bunch and it's more evident now that it was the glue which held together my enjoyment of its spin-offs.

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