Monday, August 16, 2021


I watched the Indianapolis Colts' preseason game against the Carolina Panthers yesterday evening.

It was the first full preseason fixture I've watched this year. In fact, it's the first preseason game I've watched in real-time in years. 

The Panthers were the better team on the night, but lost in the closing moments with a score of eighteen to Indy's twenty-one.

With Colts' off-season quarterback gamble - Carson Wentz - out with an injury (after the second day of training camp!), the team played the next two QBs on the depth chart: Jacob Eason and Sam Ehlinger.

I'll have to say that Eason had the better game of the two (they both played a half each). However, I think Ehlinger might turn out more than okay when all is said and done.

I would prefer either one over Wentz, but that's a story for another day...

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