Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Home And Away's COVID Delay

I recently found out that production on Home and Away has been halted due to COVID-19 lockdown restrictions that are affecting Sydney - where the soap opera is filmed.

Initially, work was due to be iced for a fortnight. However, there has been an extension and only people whose job would be considered 'essential' are meant to be working.

Sounds very familiar to what happened with television production over here. Especially with the British soaps that had to cut the number of episodes that were aired each week.

I believe that Home and Away is filmed many months in advance of their Australian airings. Over here, with British soaps, I believe there is a six-week gap between production and making its way to the airwaves.

With that said - it would not surprise me if Australia follows what happened over here and trimmed down the number of episodes that are aired each week as a way to keep some sort of balance until normality returns. 

Or should that be something that is as close to normality as they can get?

Home and Away is my favourite soap of all, so I hope everyone involved with the series is safe and well.

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