Saturday, July 03, 2021

The 'Come On England!' Email

If I didn't know England was playing today, I would have found out as soon as I opened a web browser to read the news or - worse still - check my emails.

A well-known newsagent sent me a mail titled 'Come On England!' this morning.

Irked - I sent the a reply along the lines of:

'Would you have sent similar emails if Wales and/or Scotland had made it to the quarter finals?

Know your customer.'

I fully believe there would have been no 'Come on Wales!' or 'Come on Scotland!' mail sent to the company's customers this morning had England been dumped out of the tournament. You know why? I don't recall seeing any 'Come on Wales!' mails back in 2016 when the team made it to the semi-finals which, the last time I looked, is better than the quarter finals.

It's only going to get worse. I have a feeling England will progress beyond tonight's game against Ukraine and then manage their way to the final with a midweek win over the Czechs or Denmark.

Italy is the team to beat. With that said, I thought the same about France and Belgium...

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