Saturday, July 10, 2021

BBC .vs. ITV

There's not only a battle between England and Italy in tomorrow's final of Euro 2020. The other match going on will be which television channel I am going to watch.

Both the BBC and ITV will air tomorrow's game. 

The Beeb will have Gary Lineker as host with Alan Shearer, Rio Ferdinand and Frank Lampard as pundits. Over on ITV - Roy Keane, Ian Wright and Gary Neville will be there along with presenter Mark Pougatch. 

It's an easy call when it comes to which team I'd prefer out of those options. It's ITV all the way. Why? Because at least with the Irishman Roy Keane - who says it as it is - on board, the level of bias won't be amped up. 

All of the cast of the BBC's studio lineup is English. 

With that said - I did not like ITV's Lee Dixon's commentary during the England versus Denmark semi-final. When the unfair penalty was awarded, which ultimately led to Harry Kane's goal, Dixon said that he 'didn't care' that cheating may have been in play on the part of England or that the referee/VAR made a bad judgement call. I found that to be reprehensible for someone who is there to call a football match straight down the line.

Dixon will be there on commentary with Sam Matterface for ITV. Over on the BBC, Guy Mowbray will be commentating alongside Jermaine Jenas. 

Jenas is terrible, in my opinion. So - even though I disliked Lee Dixon's commentating of the England .vs. Denmark game - it still has to go to ITV if I had to choose one.

It's somewhat ironic that I've decided against watching the final on the BBC because I believe the team will be more biased in contrast to that of ITV when you consider that the Beeb is meant to remain impartial in all of its broadcasting as part of the doctrine that was introduced when Lord Reith founded the BBC in 1922.

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