Wednesday, June 30, 2021

End Games

I've only been up for a few minutes and already know today is going to be a day of avoiding things.

Mainly the television.

I walked into the living room. Lorraine Kelly was on congratulating England for their 2-0 win over Germany in the Euros in yesterday's round of sixteen match.

I exited the room.

Ten minutes or so later, I was ascending the stairs and could hear the television echoing through my home. Lorraine was once again talking about England's win.

It's as if they've already won the tournament.

What I will say is this - I have a feeling they'll make it to the finals now. 

The road to July 11th does have winnable games for the English team. Next up is the Ukraine, who beat Sweden last night. Should they continue beyond Saturday's game, England will then come face-to-face with either the Czech Republic or Denmark. 

I'd like to be wrong. Obviously

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