Thursday, May 13, 2021

NFL '21 Schedule Set To Be Released In An Hour From Now

The fixtures for the upcoming NFL season are set to be released in an hour from when this post is published.

I am looking forward to see the Indianapolis Colts' schedule. After that, I'll dive down into the latter part of the season to check out what the three Thanksgiving Day games will be in 2021.

The NFL - and some of its broadcast partners - have already given out some spoilers. 

The season will kick off on Thursday September 9th with the Super Bowl Champs - the Tampa Bay Buccaneers - hosting the Dallas Cowboys live on NBC in the USA.

The Colts will play Seattle in week one. 

Other week one games that have been revealed are: Pittsburgh .vs. Buffalo, New York Jets .vs. Carolina, Jacksonville .vs. Houston, Atlanta .vs. Tennessee, Los Angeles Chargers .vs. Washington, Cleveland .vs. Kansas City and the Miami Dolphins .vs. New England. All of those games will air on CBS in the US. The latter two are set for 4:25PM Eastern (9:25PM BST) while the rest are scheduled for 1:00PM Eastern (6:00PM BST).

I also know the two games that will be played in London.

The NFL UK sent me an email yesterday afternoon noting that Atlanta will be the designated home side against the New York Jets on Sunday October 10th. A week later, the Miami Dolphins will be regarded as the visiting team against the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Both games will be held at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium at 2:30PM BST meaning that they'll air live in the mornings for those watching in the United States.

After writing the above post, I found out the three Thanksgiving games. They are: Dallas .vs. Las Vegas, Detroit .vs. Chicago and New Orleans .vs. Buffalo.

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