Saturday, May 01, 2021

Last Night's Main Event

I have just watched the main event of last night's WWE Smackdown.

It was a big match because WWE Universal Champion - Roman Reigns - defended his strap against Daniel Bryan with the stipulation that, should Bryan lose, he'd have to leave Smackdown.

The match was unsurprisingly great. I had no doubt it would be as both wrestlers are two of my favourites from the current crop of talent in WWE. 

The result was also unsurprising. Reigns won. Bryan now departs Smackdown. 

It was a good finish, as well. Reigns won by submission/ref stoppage after Bryan passed out while in the guillotine submission move. 

I hope this isn't it for Bryan. The wording of the stipulation meaning he is banished from Smackdown opens the door for a move to Monday Night Raw or maybe even NXT. 

It could also mean he's done. 

For now.

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