Wednesday, March 31, 2021

The Binge Mission Of March 2021

For the past few seasons, I've found myself reading a lot of hype for BBC's Line of Duty and would find myself saying 'I'll wait until this season ends and then watch them all in time for the next one',

I must have made that vow at least three times. When I found out that the sixth season (I'm refusing to call it 'series' like we're meant to here in Britain) was on its way, I thought to myself 'now is the time'.

But, I then did nothing.

After episode one - of season six - aired a little over a week ago, I once again came across newspaper articles about the series.

It was time to see what all the fuss is about.

From Monday 22nd March right through to yesterday evening, I binged through - at my own pace - every single episode to date of the crime series.

It's superb. 

Anybody who knows me and my binge habits would know it would have taken me a lot longer to catch up to speed on the series if I wasn't gripped.

Unlike some series', where there are dud seasons mixed in with great ones, I haven't really felt there have been duds in Line of Duty. In fact, the previous season was one of the best as it had one of my favourite British actors - Stephen Graham - playing such an intriguing character.

So - I am now in the boat with the people who have been following along weekly. 

And I can now see those post-episode news articles and know what they're going on about.

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