Sunday, February 28, 2021

Blue Sunday

Today has a strong chance of being Blue Sunday. I think.

Before I explain the reasoning why, I should explain the concept of a 'Blue Monday'. 

Blue Monday is seen by many as the most depressing day of the year because of numerous reaons like the weather and long nights. However, one of the major things about it is it is weeks after the festive period and the realisation - for some! - that they've failed with their New Year's Resolutions.

Why am I calling today Blue Sunday? 

Well - for me, it'll be the first Sunday after the Super Bowl in which I haven't got something to look forward to on a Sunday evening.

On the first Sunday after the Super Bowl, I had an NXT TakeOver event to watch. Last Sunday - which was a fortnight after the Bucs raised the Vince Lombardi Trophy - I had WWE Elimination Chamber.

And tonight, I have....


To be honest, I'm probably going to relish the break from football and wrestling. 

Maybe I wrote the 'Blue Sunday' post a week earlier than I should have....?

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