Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Zeros To Heroes 2021 Update For January 12th

 I didn't think I'd get to do another 'Zeros to Heroes' post until the spring or summer, but here goes.

On Saturday - when I wrote about the NFL betting system, in which I look to bet on teams to win their divisions after finishing bottom with a different head coach the previous season, I pointed out that - for 2021 - there would be four teams eligible with Atlanta, Detroit, Jacksonville and the New York Jets all finishing the 2020 season in fourth place in their respective leagues and all will have new head coaches in place by the kick off of the 2021 season.

Well, the Philadelphia Eagles made a move yesterday which means they'll be added to the wagers as it was announced that the team - which finished fourth in the NFC East - fired Doug Pederson.

The five teams that I'll have to bet on are now:

Philadelphia Eagles
Atlanta Falcons
Detroit Lions
Jacksonville Jaguars
New York Jets

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