Saturday, December 05, 2020

Nestle Big Turk

I cannot recall when I first came across them, but - for quite some time - I had wanted to try a Big Turk chocolate bar.

Nestle Canada produces the bar. It is a Turkish delight coated in chocolate.

Big Turk

Whilst doing Black Friday shopping last week, I noticed that an online store I was buying American candy from had the bar. It wasn't in the sale, but I thought it was an opportune moment to finally get my hands on one.

And so I did.

Here's what the bar looked like without its wrapper:

Big Turk

The Turkish delight was thicker and chewier than what I am used to - Fry's Turkish Delight, which is a popular chocolate bar over here in Britain.

I enjoyed the Big Turk and would buy more again in future if the opportunity arose. However, if forced to pick one over the other, Fry's bar would win that head-to-head.

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