Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Looking At The Colts' Playoff Hopes

Here's some bad news.

If the NFL season ended this past week, the Indianapolis Colts - who fell to the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday night - would not make the playoffs.

Like I stated, that's the bad news.

The good is that there is still one more week to play and the Colts, even though they technically are not in control of the steering wheel to make the playoffs, can still get back into contention.

The main thing they have to do is get the W against the Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday.

If they don't do that, then they have zero chance of post-season football. 

On top of a win against the lowly Jags, the Colts can progress with:
  • The Tennessee Titans losing to the Houston Texans (this would mean Indy wins the AFC South division
  • Miami loses to Buffalo, Cleveland loses to Pittsburgh OR Baltimore loses to Cincinnati
Of the second point scenarios, both Buffalo and Pittsburgh are looking to win the second seed in the AFC. It would allow them to have a bye in the first week of the playoffs. 

The Bills are slight favourites over Miami while Pittsburgh are double-digit underdogs against the Browns. 

I don't care how it happens. I just want the Colts to win against the Jags and any of the other possible outcomes to work out for them.

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