Friday, January 01, 2021

2021: The Year In Preview

Today is the fifteenth year since I started blogging and I'd like to write something to commemorate the day. However, today is not that day. Why? Because it's time to do the annual predictions.

What you'll see below are a handful of predictions of things I think will happen in 2021. They are in no particular order as I just fire off ideas without much thought over the next few minutes. The game will end on December 31st when I'll revisit this post and see whether I am a prophet or a crap prognosticator.

(It's always the latter!)

Here goes. I'll start with out with one from last year.

- Andrew Luck will come out of retirement, but it will not be as a member of the Indianapolis Colts

- Luck will be a New England Patriot

- The Green Bay Packers will be the Super Bowl winners and Aaron Rodgers will be the Super Bowl MVP

- Alex Smith, from the Washington Redskins, will be the Comeback Player of the Year

- Soul will win the Oscar for Best Animated Feature Film

- The Queen's Gambit will win an Emmy Award for Outstanding Limited Series

- Belgium will win the Euros (I carried this one over from 2020 due to the tournament being postponed due to the pandemic)

- I will do a Codewords puzzle that will take me less than twenty minutes to complete (current best is mid-20s)

- Bianca Belair will win the women's Royal Rumble match

- Daniel Bryan will win the men's Royal Rumble match

- Roman Reigns .vs. Daniel Bryan will be the WrestleMania main event (I said this last year, but was wrong. I think it has a much better chance this time)

- Kota Ibushi will leave WrestleKingdom on January 4/5 as the IWGP Heavyweight and Intercontinental Champion

- John Harbaugh will no longer be the head coach of the Baltimore Ravens by December 31st 2021

- Bill Goldberg will wrestle Roman Reigns at SummerSlam 2021

- Ole Gunnar Solksjaer will lose his job as Manchester United boss 

- Adam Gase will no longer be the head coach of the New York Jets

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