Monday, November 02, 2020

Undertaker Month Part I: The Mystery

On November 22nd 2020, it'll be thirty years to the day since the then World Wrestling Federation introduced The Undertaker to its fans.

The event was Survivor Series 1990. The wrestler was brought in as a mystery teammate on The Million Dollar Team, which was led by Ted Dibiase.

They defeated the squad made up of babyface wrestlers captained by Dusty Rhodes - The Dream Team.

Headed into the 1990 event, the WWF was hyping up the surprise. In the months leading up to the show, advertisements for the Pay-Per-View could be found in the WWF Magazine. All the teams appeared on the page. The part that was eventually taken up by Mark Callaway was darkened out with a question mark.

As I sit here reminiscing, I cannot ignore something from the weeks, likely months, before the menacing debut.

1990 was the year I first started high school. So, it was a time when new friends entered my life. One friendship in particular started off from talking about the 1990 Survivor Series.

There was a lad in our class, who I won't name just in case he turned out to be even more of a psycho as he was back in the day (the most I will tell you is he shares his name with an Olympic swimmer who won a load of medals in his day). He and another boy from the class got into a bit of a fight outside the tuck shop one break-time and I remember walking up to the mild-mannered one to see how he was doing after the push-and-shove.

He knew I was a wrestling fan, so told me that 'I should have put him in the Million Dollar Dream'. At this point, I likely wondered whether I had tagged the wrong person as the psycho, but we continued talking. Our discussion eventually got to the upcoming Survivor Series.

I vividly remember asking my new friend who he thought would be on the Million Dollar Team. I cannot remember who he predicted. I cannot recall my guess. It doesn't matter, though. We both would have been wrong due to The Undertaker being - at the time - a new creation in the mind of Vince McMahon.

Thirty years later and I consider that mild-mannered lad my best friend. I am also a godfather to his children. 

I can't say that friendship wouldn't have developed had it not been for The Undertaker, but I for sure can state that our first wrestling conversation was all about guessing who the mystery partner would be on November 22nd 1990.

I was able to find an image of the advert that appeared in the magazine. It can be found on the Wikipedia page for the 1990 Survivor Series. 

Survivor Series 1990

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