Saturday, November 28, 2020

More About Maradona

When I found out that Diego Maradona has passed away, one of the things I said to my friend - who broke the news to me - was that I was keen to see what headline the tabloids would have on Thursday's front page.

I was sure that they would go down the 'Hand of God' route. The British (English!) press has spent the past thirty-four years going on about Maradona's handball against England at the '86 World Cup completely ignoring the wonder goal the Argentine also scored against the Three Lions in the 2-1 win.

Hand of God Text
It would be foolish of me to boast, because it would have been a complete surprise if The Sun hadn't ventured into the 'Hand of God' direction, but here is what the tabloid ran for Thursday's edition.

The Sun Cover (26/11/20)

'In The Hands of God' is what the newspaper went with. Very predictable. The back page also had a tribute to the player with words from another legend - Pele. It read 'One day, hopefully we'll kick a football together in the sky'.

The Sun Back Page (26/11/20)

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