Monday, October 12, 2020

A TV Word Search

There's an advert doing the rounds on the TV channel I watch regularly that has intrigued me.

It's a word search puzzle which asks the viewer if they 'can find a former British queen hidden in the grid'. 

As you would expect from a televised puzzle that needs as many entries as possible, it is easy to find the required word. You can try and find it yourself before getting to the next paragraph.

TV Word Search

'Victoria' is found on the third row.

The first thing that caught my attention is that the contest is free to enter. 

I obviously didn't phone in to try and win the £7,5000 prize. Neither will anyone who is reading this post as I've purposely cropped out the telephone number from my picture.

There's a reason why.

Sure, there likely will be a winner of the prize. However, in my opinion, the advert exists as a way to collect telephone numbers.

There's no other reason I can think of. Especially considering how much the company behind it must have spent to advertise.

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