Wednesday, October 07, 2020

Slumber Music

Somebody on my Twitter timeline said something that made me think yesterday.

It was something along the lines of REM being the best music to listen to when laying in bed at night. It didn't take me long to recall a band - and an album - that I would make a case for.

Before I even go there, I know this will be a controversial selection because REM is - for want of a better word -  'softer' - than the band I am about to mention...

Guns 'N Roses - Appetite For Destruction.

There's a good reason why this album jumped to the top of my consciousness when I thought about an album that's good to listen to in the dark as sleep beckons.

It's how I was first introduced to it.

When I visited my relatives in Germany, my cousin used to play it when we were going to sleep at night. While writing this post, I had a listen to some of the songs just to see if it could trigger a memory or two and it has.

The opening part of My Michelle brings me back to laying on the floor of the bedroom. In fact - I am hitting the back and forward button on the app and the beginning of many of these songs reminds me of those German nights.

Yes - it's controversial because I am sure there are many other albums out there that are more suitable. It's just that Appetite For Destruction is the first one I can recall listening to as I dropped off to sleep, so it'll be my go to answer for questions like this.

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