Friday, September 11, 2020

19 Years On

Once again, I am looking at the date and thinking to myself how long ago the terror attacks of September 11th 2001 are.

And it still seems like it was within the last few years.

It's the nineteenth anniversary of that dreadful day. 

Just like in the past, I've found myself watching documentaries/news clips about that day as today has neared. 

There was something I came across this year that was interesting, yet disturbing and uncomfortable, to listen to. 

It was the audio recordings of the fire brigade dispatcher in contact with many of the firefighters that responded to the atrocity. 

When listening to the 'tapes' on YouTube, I was stunned to hear that a civilian entered one of the fire trucks when the first tower came down and managed to radio into the dispatcher with a plea for help. The man was having difficulty breathing and was begging for help.

I did some looking around after listening to the haunting audio to see what became of the man. According to the source I found, it stated that the man was eventually rescued. 

Trust me when I say that was the only positive thing I took away from listening to that audio.

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