Saturday, September 12, 2020

Doing A Kriss Kross 2

Last week, I published a post titled 'Doing A Kriss Kross' in which I.. well, I did a Kriss Kross puzzle. I've decided to make this a frequent thing on the blog for the time being. 

Once again, I've chosen a puzzle with a soap opera theme. 

Kriss Kross

As you can see, the eight shaded panels are supposed to 'spell the name of a Home and Away actor'.

Regular readers are sure to know that Home and Away is my favourite soap opera. However, I don't really know many of the actors' real names, so this could become a problem.

Just like last week, I'll time myself. The stopwatch will end the moment I figure out what the name of the person is.

Here goes...

Kriss Kross

The shaded in letters were S,O,A,S,F,R,M,T and I figured out that it's Sam Frost, who plays the role of Jasmine in the soap.

It took me 4:05:06 to complete this puzzle. Even though I once again made a couple of screw ups along the way, I did better than last week.

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