Sunday, September 06, 2020

Kinder And Kreese II

It is exactly eleven years to the day since I published a random post titled 'Kinder and Kreese'. I thought I would up the ante and make today's post even more random.

In the aforementioned post, from September 6th 2009, I wrote about going to my local Lidl store a day earlier. 

I had been on a quest to buy Kinder chocolate bars. The mission was a success. However, something else that I took away from my shopping visit was seeing a man at the neighbouring checkout that reminded me of someone.

The person bore a resemblance to John Kreese from the Karate Kid movies.

I found myself remembering that day recently due to Netflix picking up the Karate Kid spin-off series, Cobra Kai.

I have spent the past week watching the first season. I hope to write about it in the coming days, but - for now - here's a picture from the closing scene which shows John Kreese make a returning visit to his former Cobra Kai student, Johnny Lawrence.

Take a look at what I had with me for the reunion.

Kinder and Kreese

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