Friday, August 14, 2020

The Household Appliance Scam

I had another one of those household appliance phone scams on Wednesday.

What happens is the mark is cold called by someone claiming to represent an warranty company to inform the person who answers that the cover on their household appliance is due and they'll allow them to renew over the phone.

It's a scam.

In my call, the person told me the insurance on my refrigerator needed to be renewed. Here's how our short conversation ended.

Me: Okay, what brand is my fridge? 
Scammer: Hotpoint
Me: Ummm (I legitimately forgot what I had, so walked over to the fridge with the phone in my hand).. I have an... errr.. (it also took me a while to find the logo as we have a lot of pictures on our fridge)..
Scammer: You have a..
Me: I have a Samsung. You lose. Goodbye.

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