Saturday, August 29, 2020

Not Facing The Bill And Ted Music (Yet)

I had been looking forward to yesterday for quite a while, but something got in the way.

You see, August 28th was pencilled in my diary as the date that the third Bill and Ted movie - Bill and Ted Face The Music - was released. 

I assumed that, just like over in the USA, that I would be able to stream it because - over there - the movie is being released not only at cinemas, but also online.

It was a case of 'not so fast, my friend' earlier this week when I found out that the Coronavirus-forced alternative approach to premiering the filmwas only going to happen in the US. 

The only way us Brits can watch it legally is to do so in a cinema.

And - to add further insult to the injury I suffered when realising I would have to add more months to the twenty-eight year wait to see new Bill and Ted antics - the movie isn't going to be released theatrically over here until September 23rd.

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