Wednesday, July 08, 2020

A Risky Purchase

I have just wiped six paragraphs from this post and started afresh.

First, I'll tell you what I was writing about and explain why I started over.

Initially, I wrote about an annual tradition I have done since the summer of 2009 in which I have found ways to import the Marc Lawrence Playbook American football gambling yearbook from the USA.

I've done it many ways. I first started by getting it from Lawrence himself, I then spent many years getting it from a gambling bookshop from London but then, after the shop closed down, I bought copies from Amazon and Ebay. 

The latter two options have been the most costly to me because of postage fees and taxes.

Anyway, the original post was going to be all about my concerns about purchasing the 2020 edition. I had visited Ebay a few times last week and noticed that there are copies available. However, the price was in the £35 range due to the sales taxes where the item is located.

I didn't want to say I was priced out because I have spent that amount in the past. However, we're in a totally different time right now. 

Will the season - in both College and the NFL - be completed?

If not, it would be a waste of money for me to buy the yearbook this year. 

While writing the post, I went onto Ebay to get the latest prices for the issue and noticed that there was a copy for sale from a seller I've purchased from in the past. It was £10 cheaper than the other sellers, so I thought to myself 'I may as well!' 

This was when I deleted the post and bought the issue.

I admit it is a risky purchase because I can't shake off the fear that we're not going to get football this year...

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