Saturday, June 20, 2020

Selling Turnips: Week 9

If you read last week's edition of 'Selling Turnips', you'll be aware that I made a loss when selling selling the vegetables to Timmy and Tommy in Nook's Cranny. Therefore, it was a goal to do better this week.

And that I did.

After buying 1,800 turnips - at a cost of 102 Bells per item - on Sunday, my goal for this week was to make at least 183.601 Bells from selling this week.

I did what I usually do and check in with Timmy and Tommy twice a day and then key in their offers on a turnip predictor website. By Wednesday morning, the projector guessed that Thursday afternoon would be the time to sell.

After checking in on Thursday morning, the projector was confident that the afternoon offer would beat the morning offer and would be the best price I would get. 

I visited later that day. 

Selling Turnips: Week 9

195 Bells per turnip was indeed better than previous offers for the week. They were:

Mon AM - 73 Bells
Mon PM - 68 Bells
Tue AM - 64 Bells
Tue PM - 59 Bells
Wed AM - 111 Bells
Wed PM - 139 Bells
Thu AM -  190 Bells

I still placed the numbers into the projector to see whether there was a chance of a better offer later in the week (even though I doubted it!) and it said that Friday morning would range between 142 and 194.

195 Bells was the deal of the week.

It was time to sell.

Animal Crossing Baseball Mitt Chair

I headed back home and sat down on my new baseball mitt chair. I then went ahead and packed up my turnips to sell to the two animals at the shop.

Selling Turnips: Week 9

If I'm not mistaken, that's 167,399 Bells profit for the week.

Not bad...

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