Saturday, May 30, 2020

Selling Turnips: Week 6

In an Animal Crossing turnip update for week 6, I was able to sell off my turnips for profit on Thursday morning.

As I wrote earlier this week, I purchased 680 of the vegetables at a cost of 92 Bells meaning I had to make over 62,500 Bells in order to count the week as a profitable one.

I made visits to Timmy and Tommy - at Nook's Cranny - every morning and afternoon to check on the price of turnips. Here's how the offers went before I took Thursday's offer.

Mon AM - 47 Bells
Mon PM - 44 Bells
Tue AM - 41 Bells
Tue PM - 85 Bells
Wed AM - 114 Bells
Wed PM - 132 Bells

The reason why I didn't deal with the Wednesday offers is because I was using the turnip projector. It guessed that Thursday would see me offered somewhere in the region of 132 to 184 Bells. 

I checked in on Thursday morning. The projection was spot on.

Selling Turnips To Timmy & Tommy

145 Bells!

Despite the offer meaning I was looking at profit, I added the number to the projector to see if it estimated a higher number in the latter part of the week.

It came back indicating that Thursday's afternoon offer would be between 128 and 144 Bells. This meant one thing.

It was time to sell. 

Selling Turnips On Animal Crossing

I sold all 680 turnips for 145 Bells each and returned 98,600 Bells. I make that a profit of 36,040 Bells.

I checked back in later that day to see whether the afternoon offer. As noted, the projector said I would get an offer from 128 and 144. It was once again spot on as they wanted to buy turnips from me at 142 per item.

It's getting to the point now where the projection website is a beneficial tool in selling the vegetables. I think it's time to consider buying a whole lot more when Daisy Mae next comes a-calling.

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