Saturday, May 16, 2020

NFL Games To Have Manufactured Noise And Fans In 2020?

I read an article the other day which claims that the NFL will have manufactured crowd nose and digitised fans in the seats when the new season kicks of later this year.

With the Coronavirus outbreak, it's looking highly unlikely that people will be able to attend the games live, so FOX - and likely all other sports channels that airs the games - will resort to those tactics to try and give the viewer at home an experience they are used to from watching the NFL.

FOX's commentator, Joe Buck, was the person who brought up the simulation when he appeared on US radio a few days ago.

I'm okay with this idea even if it ends up not being executed well.

Watching WWE events in an empty arena with no atmosphere is a hard task. An NFL game in a huge stadium with no crowd noise could be even worse.

Look at it like this - the TV companies will need something to keep the home audience from switching off. They need 'normal' and having the noise would be one way to retain their concentration.

I'm speaking from experience. I just cannot concentrate watching pro wrestling with no crowd reaction!

As for the digitised fans in attendance - I like that too. 

Granted, the entire screen is filled with the field and players when the plays are made, so there probably won't be a need to go all-in on that aspect of creating faux-realism. 

With that said, they do need to have a view of a crowd when the field goals are played, so maybe they do need to go all-in!

All I want from watching American football is football, though. Anything else will be a bonus. Fake or not.

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