Thursday, March 05, 2020

The Simpsons Will Be On Disney Plus UK

When I was reading about the Disney Plus UK launch the other day, one question seemed to be asked the most.

Many, and I mean many, users were responding to the Disney Plus UK account asking whether The Simpsons will be on the streaming service.

The lack of The Simpsons being advertised for the UK launch seemed to be a deal breaker for those who were enquiring.

Not me, as I haven't bothered to watch the programme for years, but I can understand why others would want it when you consider that it's a part of Disney Plus in other territories like its home of the United States.

Anyway, all questions - and concerns - were answered yesterday as it was announced that the UK version of Disney Plus will indeed have the programme.

More than six hundred episodes will be available to stream.

Like I said, I haven't watched the series in many years. Having it available is good, but I'm not even sure whether I'll dip in.

Disney Plus is set to launch over here in the UK on March 24th.

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