Friday, February 21, 2020

Dot Gone

I'm kicking myself today.

While preparing for the 2020 Year In Preview post late last year, one of the predictions I was planning to write down was something along the lines of 'A Legendary Character From Eastenders Will Leave The Soap'.

I now notice that I forgot to add that one and today's news means I miss out on getting one right when I take a look back at the predictions later this year.

The reason - June Brown announced today that she has left Eastenders for good.

The 93-year old claims that she was unhappy with her current storylines as Dot Cotton.

Intriguing timing considering that this is the week the soap opera is celebrating its thirty-fifth year.

It was the knowing that the show is going to celebrate thirty-five years that gave me the idea that one of the main characters will leave in the birthday episode.

If you recall, they killed off Nick Cotton on the 30th anniversary year. So, I guessed another big name would go this year.

To be fair - I didn't even think of Dot when I was planning to make the prediction.

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