Wednesday, February 12, 2020

£600 Scam Call (February 2020)

It looks like the scammers have doubled up.

In yesterday's post, I wrote about an automated scam phone call that claimed I had paid £300 for something 'within the last fifteen minutes' and I was asked to press 1 or two to confirm or deny the transaction.

Well, I have a little more to add on top as - only a few minutes ago - I received a similar phone call.

This time, they're claiming that I had made a £600 transaction on my, and get this, 'Visa Mastercard'.

I thought I would play along a little bit, so - this time - I did go through to a real person.

He was Indian and said that the £600 transaction was from China. At this point, I asked how they knew it was £600 and...

..he put the phone down on me.

I need to work on my acting skills!

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