Monday, January 06, 2020

Liger's Farewell

I watched all three nights of New Japan Pro Wrestling's start to 2020.

The last three days have been filled with some amazing matches and a send-off to one of Japan's most famous wrestlers - Jushin Liger.

Today's card - at NJPW New Year Dash - was okay, but the highlight of the event was the retirement ceremony for Liger which kicked things off.

Liger is the wrestler that first introduced me to Japanese wrestling. This is because he worked a few dates for World Championship Wrestling back in the day.

I've written about it a lot, but one of my favourite wrestling cards ever is the Super J-Cup from 1994. It was a tournament featuring junior heavyweight wrestlers from a number of Japanese promotions. It had Liger (obviously) but also had another one of my faves from back then - The Great Sasuke.

I wore that VHS tape out when I first had it.

It was so nice to see him get the send-off he deserved with all of the current NJPW roster there with him.

I'm sure going to miss him!

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