Friday, December 06, 2019

Scent Back In Time

Something quite peculiar triggered a memory yesterday evening.

I ran out of shower gel, so went into the bag full of toiletries to get out a new one ready for this morning. I hadn't tried it before so opened the top to take a smell.

And then 1997 flashed back to me.

For some reason, the scent reminded me of a deodorant I used to have in the locker of my first proper job. I cannot recall the name of the spray (it was cheap stuff from Superdrug!), but it definitely wasn't made by the company that produces this shower gel from my stash. 

It was very, very random. A scent I hadn't encountered since all the way back then.

Made me think back to may colleagues I haven't seen or been in touch with since back then. It made me wonder what they're up to nowadays.

Even this morning's shower had me thinking back to those days. This is going to be a funny few days to weeks as I finish off this bottle!

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