Saturday, August 24, 2019

Thoughts After Watching The 3rd Season Of GLOW

I finally finished watching the third season of Netflix's GLOW the other night.

As per usual, I loved it.

I liked a number of things about this year's edition.

For starters, with the troupe moving to Las Vegas at the end of last season, it meant that the entire year was spent in Nevada as the ladies worked a residency at a hotel.

It was a change from the usual setting of Los Angeles and it kind of played into the real GLOW wrestling promotion from the 1980's  - that the series is based on - because it originated from Las Vegas.

I also liked how some of the minor characters had more of a role in this season. The first two seasons were about the development of the principal characters. Don't get me wrong - the minor cast developed in the first two seasons, but this time they had more of a spotlight on them.

Without spoiling it too much, the season ended with it looking like the GLOW had scored a new TV gig. So, they definitely kept the door open for a fourth season. Let's hope Netflix doesn't can it...

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