Wednesday, January 02, 2019

Scratchin' 2018 : The Aftermath

With the New Year posts of the way, it's time to finally share the results of my final week of playing a scratch card a day in 2018.

When I last checked in with an update on December 23rd, I pointed out that I was at -£190 for the year. I closed out the final week and a bit with the following:

  • A £5 was under one of the windows on a £5 advent scratch card I had been playing since December 1st. The amount was added to my record on Christmas Eve
  • Found £1 under £1 cards on Christmas Day and the day following Boxing Day
  • I also broke even with a £3 bingo card on New Year's Eve
  • There was a £10 under a £3 Winter Wonderlines card that I played on December 30th
Therefore, I closed out the year at a loss of £191.

Scratchin' 2018 - The Final Results

While this is the end of the 2018 Scratchin' updates, it isn't the final time of playing a scratch card a day.

I've decided to continue through 2019 and have set up the blog called Scratch of the Day over at 

The slate has been wiped clean, but I do intend to keep track of the 2019 numbers along with 2018 at certain points throughout the year.

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